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Our Top Resort Wear Choice For The Summer

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Comfort and class don´t always go hand in hand. For too long, one has been sacrificed in order to attain the other, but not anymore. We found a trendy brand that is bringing glamour back, its name is Sotto Il Sole.

The artisan luxury brand—founded by real estate financier Matthew Stenta and cobbler Sasha Czerniawiski—has captured the attention of fashion icons and media editors alike by being the first customizable Italian sandal brand in the category.

Handcrafted from the finest Italian leather to match the preferences of each individual customer, Sotto Il Sole provides selective customers the luxury of a personalized and timeless experience with each pair.

For buyers who expect top shelf product quality, a distinctive look and a rich heritage, Sotto Il Sole has become the obvious choice, remaining true to its Italian craftsmanship while bridging the gap between luxury and affordability.

An undisputed favorite of New York City socialites, the brand has quickly amassed a devoted following, including prominent artists and fashion models such as Laney DeGrasse who have voiced their support for Sotto Il Sole, helping to ignite a groundswell movement that’s spilled over into pop culture.