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Crystal Infused Skincare Is Beauty´S Best Kept Secret

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In cosmetics, one of the most talked-about brands to emerge in years is Crystal Clay™ wunderkind Klast Beauty.

Given the rising popularity of crystals within the beauty, makeup and skincare ecosystem, visionary founder Jenn Kain was inspired to see if she could create a superior skincare solution in the space that would perform better, and provide the added value of indulging in precious stone luxury.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kain sought out the crystals from the finest ethical single-source clay mine in the country, which she discovered after an extensive search process with the help of co-founder Zach Iser.

From this pristine red-utisol clay, Kain developed unique formulas, including a Crystal Clay™Mask, as well as a Crystal Pearl Mist that balances PH, vitalizes complexion, and refreshes the skin on a deep level, leaving a healthy, natural glow.

Klast’s rise to the top as the first crystal-origin skincare solution has been met with rave reception from supermodels and fashion icons, such as models Lyena Strama and Rose Bertram.

Bertram's inspiring testimonial—reprinted below—set off a firestorm of excitement over the brand that’s piqued the interest in the potential of crystal-healing power from the cosmetics industry at large.

“MY SKIN is so important to me! I'm always looking for new products, new masks, creams, etc. I never go to bed without cleaning my face and making sure it is well hydrated even after a long night out, or when I'm super tired or lit."

"This mask that I'm holding is my friend's new crystal-infused skin care line. I definitely recommend it! @klastbeauty #crystalclaymask #crystals.”