First Look: Ferrari Teases Its Hotly Anticipated New SUV, the Purosangue - The Texas Developer

First Look: Ferrari Teases Its Hotly Anticipated New SUV, the Purosangue

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It’s been four long years since Ferrari first announced the Purosangue. Over that time, we’ve had everything from spied prototypes to photo leaks to rumors about the powertrain, but the Italian marque has divulged nothing concrete. Until now, that is.

Ferrari shared the first official image of the hotly anticipated and highly polarizing luxury SUV on Wednesday to the delight of off-roaders everywhere. (Purists, you might want to avert your eyes.) “A new, and very different Ferrari is coming,” the automaker writes on its website. “A car whose bloodline can be traced back through our 75-year history of innovation, evolution and uncompromising performance.”

Whether you love or hate the fact Ferrari is segueing into sport-utility vehicles, it’s difficult to deny the new addition looks every bit a part of the family. In the image, we’re given a head-on view of Ferrari’s first SUV, and it’s proudly sporting two prancing horses, no less. Quite fitting considering Purosangue translates to “pure blood” or “thoroughbred” in Italian. Aside from badging, the car has an imposing stance with curvaceous lines and split headlights similar to those found on the hybrid SF90 Stradale. Color-wise, it’s finished in red—it’s not like a bright Rosso Corsa red, but it’s both striking and quintessentially Ferrari.

As for what’s under the hood, there has been plenty of speculation. Rumor has it, you’ll be able to choose between a naturally aspirated V-12 and a V-6 hybrid power unit. The SUV could also end up being the basis for the Prancing Horse’s first EV. Ferrari did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Robb Report regarding the powertrain. What we do know, though, production on the Purosangue SUV will commence this year ahead of deliveries in 2023. “Stand by for a genuine game-changer” Ferrari adds. “All will be revealed later this year.” The car world awaits with bated breath—well, some of us, at least.