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How Cavallo Foundation Is Bringing Humans And Equines Closer

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As modern life becomes increasingly hectic and a true connection with nature seems more and more difficult to attain, people from all walks of life find themselves in need of a meaningful return to the source.

In Malibu, the team at Cavallo Foundation offers a one of a kind transformational life experience for various at risk populations including special needs and children on the spectrum (autism, ADHD, SPD) inner city kids, teen support for emotional/mental needs, substance abuse, PTSD and general stress/health issues.

This unique team of equine lovers has a true passion for serving those who need it the most and through innovative and therapeutic horse connection experiences, Cavallo Foundation helps provide relief and stimulation to individuals that struggle with special needs, mental and emotional health conditions, but also opens its doors to anyone who wishes to experience a return to nature and the powerful bond that horses and humans have shared for centuries.

The three-fold mission statement by the Cavallo Foundation provides valuable insights into the powerful transformational nature of special equine activities as Cavallo Foundation strives to provide healing, personal growth and community to at-risk populations, thru the use of equine facilitated learning with rescued/repurposed horses, to provide a sanctuary for those horses and to offer a sustainable all-inclusive ranch environment, connecting with animals, humans, nature and self, while disconnecting from electronic devices.

Thanks to the noteworthy educational and health-inducing effects of programs offered by Cavallo Foundation, a new and exciting alternative to traditional behavioral therapies is gaining a foothold on the sectors of our society that need the most assistance.

The importance of getting involved must not be understated – the Cavallo Foundation relies on donors and volunteers to continue serving the community, find out how you can help here:

Whether for educational or therapeutic purposes, this experience is proven to stimulate and provide transformational healing to those who partake.