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Why Ruby Dhalla Is An Agent Of Positive Change In Global Politics

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In the last decade, we have witnessed the uprising of numerous political figures on a global scale, with Indian-Canadian Ruby Dhalla, a Winnipeg born public servant, unquestionably becoming one of the most dynamic and influential.

Dhalla has worked hard to modernize and democratize many aspects of the political spectrum, becoming an agent of positive change along the way. Besides being the first female politician of Indian descent elected outside of India, she has also helped pioneer the digitization of political campaigns, proof of her work can be witnessed today in Ontario´s Liberal Party.

Thanks to her various accolades and consolidated status as a female political and thought leader, as well as her profound understanding of voter behavioral mapping and innovative methodologies, Ruby Dhalla has become a symbol for a new generation.

Due to the fact that Ruby has a keen understanding of information technologies, coupled with a fresh and holistic approach to politics her name has quickly gained respect and recognition both in Canada and abroad.

In particular, Dhalla is opening up the LOAR- the law of accelerating returns that technology and digitization offers- to political campaigners who want to connect, get their message out, and create a groundswell movement without having to use door to door conventional and largely outdated methods.

Look for Dhalla, therefore, to lay impactful new foundations on the structuring of political movements across her sphere of influence- from Canada to India and Beyond.

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