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Cream Of The Crop: How Nicholas Toscano Became A Celebrity Dentist

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For Dr. Nicholas Toscano, a former veteran and active duty military dentist with more than a decade of decorated service, his practice´s tremendous Instagram popularity has baffled most other dental practices nationwide.

However, it´s not hard to see why Dr. Toscano has amassed a following of nearly 150,000 users.

For years now, his practice has been synonymous with larger than life icons in the political arena, as well as world class supermodels, contemporary artists, famous entertainers and business tycoons.

But Dr. Toscano is no stranger to the spotlight. After graduating from Columbia University School of Dental Medicine on a Navy scholarship, he found his duties to be paramount for the wellbeing of badly injured troops, special forces teams ready to embark on missions, and even sitting presidents.

In the fashion world, New York´s elite agencies and world famous models count on Dr. Toscano to keep the show on the road when a dental emergency presents itself before a major shoot.

Household names in the fashion and entertainment world such as Mara Teigen, Mischa Barton, Jasmine Tookes, Abigail Ratchford and Victoria´s Secret star Romee Strijd all populate Dr. Toscano´s client list which is a fascinating and eclectic mixture of political power players, industry heavyweights and iconic centerfolds.

His unquestionable experience has made Nicholas, the obvious choice for a who´s who of New York´s elite when it comes to dental care.