National Mold Remediation Expert Pure Maintenance Expands to East Texas With New Partners Seth and Pamela Brawley - The Texas Developer

National Mold Remediation Expert Pure Maintenance Expands to East Texas With New Partners Seth and Pamela Brawley

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Pure Maintenance

Pure Maintenance, the Utah-based mold removal expert behind the VaPure non-destructive, demolition-free mold remediation technology, has welcomed Seth and Pamela Brawley as its newest partners. The Brawleys are bringing the company’s innovative mold remediation services to the city of Tyler and other areas in Eastern Texas, helping people avoid the negative health effects of mold exposure, which include allergies and other respiratory symptoms.

Founded in 2007, Pure Maintenance developed VaPure as a less labor-intensive and more affordable way to deal with mold and fungus problems in residential and commercial buildings. Traditionally, most indoor mold infestations need extensive work to remedy, including the demolition of walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces. This is costly and will cause the property to be unusable for an extended time. VaPure’s patented fog system releases microscopic particles that spread across the entire property, treating mold and fungus spores on contact, resulting in a more thorough and less expensive way to deal with mold.

In 2018, after CEO Brandon Adams took over the company’s reins, Pure Maintenance adopted a unique geography-based franchising model. Pure Maintenance’s partners pay upfront and fixed fees, which give them the exclusive license to use the company’s technologies and intellectual property within a particular territory. Pure Maintenance now has more than 180 partners all across the US and internationally, including Australia, Canada, and the UK.

While indoor mold can be a problem anywhere due to leaky plumbing, Texas has an intense hurricane season, which causes significant property damage. Eastern Texas also has a more humid climate, which is more conducive to the growth of mold, than the state’s Western half. Prior to the arrival of Pure Maintenance, there was also a shortage of reliable mold remediation solutions in the region, particularly in more rural areas.

Seth and Pamela Brawley, the owners of Pure Maintenance of East Texas, have been married for almost 30 years and have three adult children. Pure Maintenance of East Texas is a veteran-owned business, with Seth being a retired US Army Sergeant First Class.

“Our mission is to provide safe and affordable healthy air solutions for every Texan,” Seth says. “It is our privilege to assist you in achieving a healthy home. We hope to build solid working Relationships with everyone, built on confidence and trust – confidence that we will always do the right thing by all our customers, and trust that we will be available whenever you need us.”

“We’re happy and honored to welcome Seth and Pamela Brawley to the Pure Maintenance team,” says Brandon Adams, Pure Maintenance CEO. “They are valuable partners in our quest to bring quality indoor air environments to the entire US and beyond. With Seth and Pamela’s operations up and running, the residents of Eastern Texas now have a powerful ally in combating mold infestations that pose a hazard to their health and well-being.”