Discover `Dîner En Privé´ The Luxurious Private Dining Concept That is Expanding Across America - The Texas Developer

Discover `Dîner En Privé´ The Luxurious Private Dining Concept That is Expanding Across America

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An official Dîner En Privé event in Manhattan, New York (Courtesy)

As the trend in bespoke lifestyle and entertainment experiences continues its upward momentum fueled by increasingly discerning consumers, who are willing to shell out big bucks for unique events, a few companies have successfully positioned themselves as unquestionable market leaders.

Launched in New York City just a few months ago, Dîner En Privé has become synonymous with breathtaking vistas, mouthwatering dishes and a safe, inviting atmosphere that makes for an unforgettable night out.

Offering signature courses, painstakingly crafted by award-winning private chefs, and an ambiance of casual elegance, this successful concept has quickly expanded to the south. After launching the new Dîner En Privé experience in Atlanta, founder and CEO Alpha Thiaw granted us a special interview.

Mr. Alpha Thiaw. Founder & CEO of Dîner En Privé. (Courtesy)

How did you develop the concept for Diner en Privé?

The concept was developed in the wake of the pandemic as an alternative to fine dining while staying safe. The core of the concept is to create a memorable experience for our guests by making it an intimate experience while dining with a personal chef in a high rise with breathtaking views and romantic decors to setup a great vibe.

Do you think the pandemic has increased the demand for private dining and entertainment experiences?

The response has truly been phenomenal during these times. We literally took off and were fully booked within the first month of operation.

What can you tell us about the recent expansion into Atlanta?

Growing in such fast pace and increasing demands We decided to expand a second location in Atlanta. Atlanta has been amazing in Atlanta.

Dîner En Privé is a bespoke private dining experience. (Courtesy)

What are some of your customers favorite dishes?

Some of our customer’s favorite dishes have been our signature Sophie Yebhe’s Lamb Chops and the seafood platter. I always enjoy our guest´s comments after trying these.

What can we expect from Dîner En Privé in the short term?

Our Short term goal is to expand to 10 major cities within the next year and make Dîner En Privé the leader of this new experience of private dining. Our team is also working on other projects and endeavors that will complement our offering, so stay tuned!