Multi-talented CEO & Model Emily Alexandra Gives Us An Insight To Her Success - The Texas Developer

Multi-talented CEO & Model Emily Alexandra Gives Us An Insight To Her Success

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Known globally as Model - Emily Guglielmo, The American Mermaid and CEO and Founder of cosmetics line Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, this multi talented boss-lady - native to Florida is taking the world by storm.

Emily has been in front of the camera her whole life, her father had his video camera out all the time throughout Emily’s childhood - making her a natural in front of the camera!

Emily puts proof in the typical saying “she is more than just a pretty face” - she really is! Beauty is only one of many of Emily’s blessings, she is also incredibly talented and driven. She has created an entire makeup line from scratch, built a successful modelling career, and is also known as America’s Real Life Mermaid! And with her combined instagram following of over 175,000 people, this multi-talented icon sure has an audience.

Emily is someone who loves giving back to the world, one of her ways of doing so is by donating a percentage of her company’s earnings to her non profit organisation; “Supporting Water” - A foundation that brings drinking water to third world countries.

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the beautiful Emily, covering all topics from how she started her success to what inspired her to pursue her dreams - check out the interview below:

Emily, what made you want to start up your own cosmetics line?

Being a professional mermaid for many years the idea came to fruition when I wanted to create a cosmetic line that not only was good for your skin, but also good for the coral reefs. We are vegan , cruelty-free, water-resistant , and ocean-friendly.

What got you into modelling? Have you got any role models that inspire you?

Ever since I was a young girl in middle school and high school I always aspired to be a playboy model, I love the art of a woman’s body and feel it is only necessary to flaunt it if you have it. Since playboy , I have ventured into other modeling like fashion, pin up , and fitness. Models like Kim Kardashian , Khloe Terae, and others!

Have you always had a passion for the ocean and it’s beautiful creatures?

My entire life I have been a beach bunny being born and raised in Florida. I love that fact that we as humans know more about space than we do the ocean- it’s such a mystery!

What would you say are your biggest modelling and business goals?

  • To travel the world and do missions with my non-profit
  • Internationally known model, actor, and mermaid.
  • Cosmetics sold globally.