Luxury Italian Craftsmanship Blends With South Beach Glamour. - The Texas Developer

Luxury Italian Craftsmanship Blends With South Beach Glamour.

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It´s no secret that bespoke tailoring has been a part of fine Neapolitan heritage since the beginning of the 20th century, with a renowned and unique style favored by fashion luminaries, A-list celebrities and some of the world´s wealthiest citizens.

In Miami, clothes very much make the man, with dashing bespoke combinations catching the eye of locals and tourists alike, the Florida way of life seems to be a match made in heaven with fine Neapolitan suit makers such as Edoardo Borrelli, an iconic tailor that has revolutionized elevated menswear trends in recent years.

Neapolitan tailoring is unmistakable due to pillars of the style which include: a high armhole for easy movement, exceptionally light and fine fabrics with minimal or no lining (better for braving the hot and humid Neapolitan weather), an extended front dart on the jacket, wide lapels, a 3/2 roll button stance (tre buttoni su due in Italian), patch pockets, a curved chest pocket (called barchetta, or boat-shaped) and double stitching along the jacket's lapels and pockets. It's light and comfortable, while maintaining an air of easy elegance.

For the fashion conscious Miami elite, Edoardo Borrelli offers a bold and distinctive way to make a statement. We strongly recommend that you visit the exclusive store located at The Setai for personalized attention.