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How Holly Houk and Harmony Aesthetics are revolutionizing beauty

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It´s no secret that self esteem and overall health, as well as a positive self-perception are all factors that are intimately related to appropriate wellness and beauty treatments.

For Holly Houk, one of California´s pre-eminent beauty experts caring for customers and patients has been a lifelong passion, and one that has propelled her practice to the national spotlight.

For Nurse Holly, beauty and wellness have been a passion and a mission throughout her life

For the team at Harmony Aesthetics Center, a leading medical and wellness spa located in Santa Monica, California - the number one priority is providing the ideal environment for patients, along with the most advanced treatment options including, but not limited to injectables, lasers, IV therapies (including anti-aging and vitamin therapy), DNA testing for skin diseases, antioxidant testing, expert facials, lasers for sexual health, and the acclaimed red light therapy bed – which provides unparalleled anti-aging and anti inflammation results.

Harmony Aesthetics Center in Santa Monica successfully creates a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere for clients.

Holly began her nursing career in the fast-paced hospital setting before transitioning into dermatology where she learned of her love for aesthetics and skin care. With many years of experience working in aesthetics and plastics throughout SoCal, Holly applies her natural talent as an artist into her love for aesthetics. Because of Holly's arts background she considers herself a facial sculptor, and is known for her artistic eye, gentle touch and utmost attention to detail. She takes pride in giving her clients a natural yet beautiful result.

We spoke with Holly in an effort to better understand the holistic service philosophy behind Harmony Aesthetics.

What makes Harmony Aesthetics Center different?

We started Harmony Aesthetics to change the way people felt about medspas. Medspas can be quite intimidating for people that are new to Aesthetics. We set out to create a place that felt safe and comfortable right from the beginning. Our goal is to make people feel beautiful not only on the outside but the inside as well. Our work team is close and treated like family so that is passed down to our clients.

What is your top priority as one of America´s leading medical spas?

Our biggest priority is to give back to our community. We are in the process of setting up our own nonprofit, with which we will help those who have been at the bottom and are picking themselves back up. i.e. were homeless or women from the battered women’s shelter. And help them to regain confidence...fixing skin, providing clothing, providing haircuts, teaching interview skills etc.

Undoubtedly, exclusivity and top performance are some of the calling cards that have made Harmony Aesthetics one of the most sought after treatment facilities across the country, however, Holly´s humanitarian spirit and compassionate approach to her profession truly stand out as an example to be followed by caretakers everywhere.