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Here´s Why Serenity Has Become The Most Exciting CBD Brand

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In recent times, the CBD market has become increasingly saturated with brands and products that promise outstanding results, some of them work, some of them don´t and some of them rely on gimmicks more than they do on science, we searched high and low for the best of the best within that product category, and what we found was Serenity.

With a production process that is second to none and a real passion for creating and delivering superior quality products, Serenity has accomplished what few brands have, becoming a cultural reference by delivering solutions in a balanced and effective way.

Everything from their packaging to their product selection has been painstakingly refined to guarantee a superior user experience while delivering fast acting relief and helping its users feel better.
According to Founders Kendall Kaya and Jeff Johnson:

“Our process starts with meticulously sourcing the best organic farmers and producers of our raw ingredients, including CBD-rich hemp. Utilizing our award-winning extraction practices and third-party lab testing, we are able to ensure that the full spectrum CBD-rich extract is the cleanest and purest that it can be. Our process ends in environmentally conscious packaging and shipping materials, produced here in America. We are extremely proud to have eliminated 99.96% of all plastic from those practices.”
By helping protect the environment, the good people at Serenity CBD are also honoring the natural connection that every human being has with our planet, as it is now more important than ever to be conscious and proactive when it comes to our interactions with nature.

Serenity has a clear mission, and with every product they put out, they make a point of providing high quality solutions with sustainability in mind. This is why we found them to be the most exciting CBD brand out today.