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I Am Boleyn: A Voice To Remember

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London based artist I Am Boleyn has become an overnight sensation around the world, her music connects with listeners in a way we had not seen in years.

A strong force of femininity herself, I Am Boleyn models her stage name after the famous second wife of Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn. The infamous Queen of England was known for her controversial aggressive and calculative behavior for a woman in the 16th century. Inspired by the Queen’s early feminist-like legacy, I Am Boleyn pays homage, using Anne’s last name. But to her close friends and family, she goes by Lydia.

From an early age, Lydia remembers music playing an integral role in her upbringing. Growing up, her father would return from a day’s work and fill the house with music, playing records by Bowie, Lou Reed and Van Morrison. As she got older, her taste in music grew even more diverse when her uncle gifted her with a Fleetwood Mac album when she was a teenager.

Her latest single called "Limit of Love" details a relationship between two people trying to find authenticity and vulnerability in one another. Limit of Love, now available on Spotify and Apple Music, the official music video is a mesmerizing display of audiovisual creativity.

“It’s very difficult to write a song about love. We thought about a different way of looking at love. The question Limit of Love asks is, ‘What would you find out about someone else or what is there in yourself that you’re trying to keep secret that might be the limit of the love in a relationship?’” Lydia says. “Obviously if you want to really give yourself to someone and let them love you then you have to tell them things that maybe you’re not proud of. It’s like that last little bit of yourself that you have to give over.”