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A look inside Zumbly and the millennial real estate investment revolution

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It´s no secret that millennials like to spice things up, keep their options open and leverage technology to live a more fulfilling life.

As almost every major industry faces widespread disruption, tech savvy entrepreneurs are improving people´s lives by developing powerful digital tools for modern living.

Take real-estate for example, where- today- the ability to make passive income and leverage short term stay rentals is a paramount concern amongst Millennial real-estate investors.

Recognizing this as a hot-button, prescient entrepreneurs Jeb Carty and Joel Glenny teamed up to develop the popular new real-estate appraisal platform Zumbly. Zumbly insightfully incorporates today’s most important consumption-triggers from Airbnb rental earnings to subletting opportunities within their appraisal calculator giving prospective buyers a clear outlook as to how each property would perform relative to their dual needs of real estate investment and lifestyle investment.

As Zumbly’s CEO Jeb Carty emphasizes, “Millennials don’t want to be chained to a 30 year note, millennials want be debt free and have the flexibility to do what they want.”

Platforms like Zumbly have revolutionized the way in which young investors can build a nest egg, without sacrificing freedom and adventure by harnessing the raw power of well structured information in a hyper-connected age.

As consumer demand grows, insightful ideas paired with effective technological developments are providing new and exciting alternatives for individuals who seek innovative ways to tackle age old challenges.