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Aka Cosmetics Attests Unisex Products Are The Future

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Written by Madison Nagle

Ditch the his and hers hype – gender neutral products are paving the way in the oversaturated skincare market. As minimalist beauty regimes surge, AKA Cosmetics offers a unique line of seven simple, high-quality products packed with essential ingredients.

Los Angeles based model, Ashley Kirk, founded AKA Cosmetics in early 2019 with the belief that all people are naturally beautiful and intends for her skincare line to both preserve and illuminate that beauty.

AKA skincare and cosmetic products are formulated with the latest peptides, neuropeptides, biomimetic factors and active ingredients, scientifically mimicking and recreating the way your skin behaves when it’s naturally healthy. The line includes a youth serum, brighten cream and protect serum for skin, a plump serum for lips, a length and fill serum for lashes, and a restore cream and lift formula for eyes. Each unscented product provides unique benefits and leaves the skin youthful and healthy.

Shifting the skincare industry and breaking societal barriers associated with beauty products, Ashley plans to exhibit her new product line at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Vegas on March 14th through 16th.