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El Sueño Cigars: The Art of Creating Memories

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Certain things in life can never be forgotten. Great moments with friends, your first love, traveling to the exotic destination you always dreamt about, closing the deal that changed everything for your business…but also, your first cigar; that can never be forgotten.

The richness of the flavors and the rituals around it, all of it is imprinted in your mind and has become a part of your life story, a part of who you are.

For visionary entrepreneur, Mirko Giotto (World Champion – Cigar Smoking World Championship), the true passion is creating those moments, memories and feelings that last forever.

Since founding the independent house of cigars by the name of “El Sueño” which translates to “The Dream” he has always put his own knowledge, passion and expertise on the table to create a truly magnificent smoking experience for the select few who can indulge in his very limited and sought after brand of artisanal cigars, manufactured by hand in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

“People drive me, watching someone with a smile, happy and satisfied smoking one of my cigars makes me proud to contribute to the creation of a wonderful moment” Mr. Giotto affirms.

After a series of extremely successful endeavors such as winning the Cigar Smoking World Championship and introducing “El Sueño” to select audiences and consumers in a variety of high profile events and trade shows, Mirko and his brand are introducing a bold, sexy and alluring new concept: The .G Line.

This line of cigars created precisely for ladies, represents an homage to women´s independence and selectiveness.

“I´ve had this idea for some time already because a woman who enjoys a cigar is very sensual and confident; then I met my wonderful wife and worked together with her to develop the perfect blend of handpicked tobacco leaves and everything up to the packaging of the cigars” Mirko Giotto explains.

“Once this line is available, it will be up to the ladies to decide if they wish to share their cigars with the gentlemen, but I´m not sure they will want to!” Mirko jokes as he presents the aerodynamic and sexy red colored packaging that houses a selection of .G Line cigars.

El Sueño cigars are manufactured only for a select group of customers in Switzerland who share the passion and inspiration for outstanding smoking experiences, however now you can also enjoy the robust and flavorful experience of El Sueño by acquiring your own cigars online at www.el-sueno.net just keep in mind that availability is limited and the manufacture is restricted to an organic process that does not allow for large amounts of these premium cigars to be produced.

Step inside the world of El Sueño if you´re looking to experience that feeling you had when you lit your first cigar once again.

Pair their custom made cigars with your beverage of choice and let friends gather around, share stories, enjoy life and smoke together. This is the dream embodied by every box of El Sueño cigars.