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#ThisIsMexico: Secrets of Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca)

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Deep in the heart of one of the most vivid and naturally diverse countries on earth we find a nature lover's paradise.

Located in the state of Oaxaca, home of renowned gastonomic treasures and warm, friendly people, Puerto Escondido is a jewel that must be experienced by lifestyle aficionados and those who seek to connect with the elements and enjoy some time off the grid.

Its easy to lose track of time and find yourself gazing into the landscapes, so we recommend to plan a trip with enough time to relax and explore.

As always, Mexico offers an incredible value to foreigners traveling for business or pleasure, and while the country has faced some challenges recently the quality of service and attention to visitors is a palpable priority. Local staff at airports, hotels, transportation companies and dining spots go out of their way to guarantee a pleasant experience for their customers.

Lifestyle photographer Polar Conde shared with us a selection of images captured during one of his recent trips to Puerto Escondido. The colors and textures speak for themselves.

The weather and the water will make for an enjoyable experience almost all year long, our recommendation is traveling during the low season to avoid crowds and discover an oasis of plush and private spaces to unwind.

If you're a sunset hunter or avid instagrammer these landscapes will certainly not disappoint.

So, ready to jump on the plane?