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Breaking Boundaries: Jason Tavares and the Rise of Inclusive Hair Trends

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In an industry often criticized for its lack of inclusivity and representation, hairstylist Jason Tavares is making waves by celebrating diversity and empowering women of all backgrounds. With a focus on promoting natural beauty and breaking traditional beauty standards, Tavares encourages women to embrace their unique hair textures and styles. His work with clients of different ethnicities and dedication to creating inclusive hair products has earned him recognition as a true trendsetter in the industry.

Having trained at the prestigious L’Oreal Paris headquarters and worked at high-end salons throughout his career, Jason learned from the best in the business. However, he noticed a significant gap in the market when it came to hair products specifically designed for women of color. This realization prompted him to take matters into his own hands and create a product that catered to the unique needs of his diverse clientele.

"As a hairstylist, I have always strived to provide my clients with the best experiences and haircuts, especially women of color. But I realized no products were designed with their unique needs in mind," Jason explains. "This led me to recreate one of my favorite products that had worked wonders on hair but was never intended for women of color.”

The result is B Cavi, a revolutionary hair product infused with black caviar, a vitamin rich-oil. This carefully formulated oil nourishes the hair, improves its overall appearance and texture, and seals the hair shaft, protecting against damage. Unlike many gimmicky products on the market, the idea for B Cavi was born from Jason's firsthand experience and expertise in working with diverse clients. It is a product that not only enhances hair but also represents a feeling, an emotion.

"B Cavi is a lifestyle,” says Tavares. “People want to feel luxurious, look expensive, and be their best self. It's all part of the lifestyle. Giving back to my community means inspiring them to feel great."

Jason's commitment to accessibility and inclusivity goes beyond the product itself. He understands the importance of proper advertisement and strategic product placement to reach his target audience effectively.

"We need to consider the demographics and target locations where women, particularly of a certain background, often purchase their products,” he says. “I plan to have B Cavi available in hair stores specifically frequented by black women.”

In addition to creating inclusive products, Jason strives to shift beauty standards and trends. While discussing his vision for the industry, Jason expressed his desire to see a comeback of the emphasis on healthy hair, a topic that is often overlooked in today's beauty discussions.

Jason finds inspiration in celebrities like Cardi B and his client Sheinelle Jones, the first black woman news anchor to proudly wear her natural hair on television. These celebrities showcase that beautiful, healthy, and natural hair is attainable.

“There's still a stigma attached to healthy, natural hair,” he says. “People think they can only achieve that look with money. But it's all about access to the right products that maintain the hair's health.”

For Jason, his journey in the hair care and beauty industry is not just about creating a successful product; it's about authenticity, passion, and dedication to a vision. He advises other entrepreneurs in the industry to stay true to their values.

"Create a product that reflects your values and personality. Believe in yourself and your dream, and don't be afraid to go the extra mile,” Tavares says. “And most importantly, ensure your product empowers and celebrates women of all backgrounds, not just celebrities. Regular women deserve to feel beautiful, too."

Jason Tavares' work in championing inclusivity, diversity, and natural beauty within the hair industry is truly remarkable. Through strategic product placement, collaborations with key players in the hair industry, and a focus on healthy hair, Jason aims to break beauty stigmas and inspire individuals to embrace their natural beauty. By providing accessible and effective products like B Cavi, he empowers women to take charge of their hair care and feel confident in their own skin.