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Jayzen Patria: Inspiring Personal Branding and Inclusion in the Workplace

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As a child growing up in Los Angeles, Jayzen Patria was immersed in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Surrounded by huge movie premieres and events like the 1984 Olympics and Rose Parade, he became fascinated with what he calls "uniquely branded experiences." This early exposure sparked a desire within him to create similar experiences for others and set him on a path of personal branding and diversity advocacy.

However, Patria's journey into the world of personal branding and inclusion was influenced by a significant event during his early career. On his first day of orientation at his dream company, after participating in an HIV/AIDS charity event, he wore a red AIDS ribbon on the lapel of his suit. He was asked by an HR professional to remove the ribbon and lock it in his car, stating, "We don't stand for that here." This experience deeply affected him and instilled a strong commitment to creating a sense of belonging and inclusivity in the workplace.

From an early age, Jayzen's exposure to Hollywood's meticulously crafted events left an indelible mark on his perception of branding. He witnessed firsthand how the power of branding could transform an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary experience. Every detail, from the choice of venue to the intricate decor, played a vital role in weaving together a compelling narrative. It was an art form that blended creativity and strategy, aiming to evoke emotions and create a sense of wonder. This unique approach to branding became deeply ingrained in his understanding, shaping his belief that branding is not just about putting on a show but curating an immersive journey that engages all the senses.

Motivated by his passion for creating uniquely branded experiences and his dedication to inclusivity, Patria developed the Lead With Your Brand™ system. Over the past three decades, he has become a sought-after personal branding expert and diversity advocate, working with renowned entertainment, media, and tech companies. The core of his Lead With Your Brand™ system lies in utilizing the tools of brand marketers to serve audiences and help employees advance in their careers.

Patria firmly believes that the success of implementing the Lead With Your Brand™ system within an organization can be measured by the level of excitement and motivation employees exhibit in owning their careers. He emphasizes the importance of empowering employees and ensuring that they are in control of their career paths, as nobody cares more about their careers than they do.

Furthermore, Patria's passion extends to supporting employees and workers from marginalized communities in achieving their career breakthroughs. Coming from a multicultural family—his mother being white and his father of Asian Pacific Islander and Hispanic descent—he has witnessed the biases that persist in society. Patria acknowledges the privilege he experienced as a fair-skinned individual, but he also observed the different treatment his siblings received due to their darker skin tones. This insight fuels his dedication to helping individuals from marginalized communities identify themselves in ways that showcase their unique value, perspectives, and contributions to organizations. His goal is to ensure that they are recognized for their expertise, becoming the go-to person in their field, rather than being defined solely by their identities.

In addition to his consulting work, Patria produces and hosts the Lead With Your Brand™ podcast, which is now in its fourth season. Through authentic conversations, the podcast provides a platform for individuals looking to amplify their value and lead with their personal brand towards their next career breakthrough. Each episode offers insights from executives and leaders who have overcome obstacles in their own careers, defining their unique and authentic leadership brand.

Patria acknowledges that driving diversity, equity, and inclusion can be challenging, particularly when some individuals are resistant to change. He encourages leaders to reflect on their own interactions and decision-making processes, emphasizing that inclusion starts with them. By providing leadership with the right mindset through awareness building, training, and foundational elements, Patria aims to create an environment where inclusive practices are rewarded and measured alongside financial results.

While Patria has faced resistance in advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, he tackles this by encouraging individuals to consider the power of personal experiences. By sharing stories and experiences, both in the workplace and in life, he enables others to connect with their own journeys and understand the value and impact of implementing inclusive programs or the challenges of maintaining the status quo.

Jayzen Patria's Lead With Your Brand™ system and his dedication to fostering inclusion and personal branding have made a significant impact on organizations and individuals alike. Through his expertise, he continues to inspire employees to own their careers, helping them unlock their full potential and lead with their unique and authentic brands.

To learn more about Jayzen Patria and Lead With Your Brand™, visit www.jayzenpatria.com.