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This Med Spa Offers An Upscale Wellness Getaway Inside The City

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Beauty and self-esteem go hand in hand, and while in modern times it might be a nearly impossible task to break free from daily obligations and invest time on our favorite wellness rituals, finding increasingly attractive offerings in major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles can certainly simplify the process of self care in a hyper-connected age.

A perfect example is the all new Skinsation on Wilshire, which boasts a privileged location on 6333 Wilshire Blvd. and offers a rich selection of treatments including body contouring, skin tightening, non-invasive facelifts, IV therapy, injectables and an irresistible lineup of signature facials, in case you´re looking to indulge.

Equipped with the latest in beauty-friendly technology and a company-wide philosophy of providing a memorable service experience for every customer, it´s no surprise that socialites and trendsetters in the city of angels have quickly started talking about Skinsation on Wilshire, effectively consolidating its status as the new bonafide beauty hotspot in town.

It is a fact that customers have become more discerning and expect increased levels of professionalism from service providers across all fields, and with the Instagram era currently in full effect, confidence is often associated with beauty.

For stars of stage and screen, as well as an increasing number of regular people, self-care treatments have transitioned from a luxury to a necessity and with the body contouring market set to reach a new high of $9.1 billion globally by 2024 it comes as no surprise that countless individuals are turning to expert establishments like Skinsation on Wilshire, in hopes of becoming a part of this sweeping trend and reaping the aesthetic benefits.

“Skinsation on Wilshire is a dream come true. Working in the health industry for almost six years I have realized how passionate I am about skincare and overall wellness. It also gave me the opportunity to understand clients’ needs to launch a medical spa that offers unique and exclusive services. My partner Naira Cole and I came up with the idea about a year ago.” – Jenny Ghazaryan, founding partner.
In a city where looking your best at all times is mandatory, Skinsation on Wilshire is poised to become a permanent fixture in the business of beauty.