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Rediscover The Ultimate Summer Getaways With Thaikila

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Some favor Greece, with its characteristically quaint architecture and laid back atmosphere. Others, prefer the Caribbean or Mediterranean, but this summer one thing has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt: Thaikila is helping thousands around the globe rediscover the ultimate summer getaways…in style!

For professional beach bums and top models alike, this sustainability-oriented and irresistibly beautiful swimwear brand has become the gold standard of a new and more selective generation.

Bali-born and crafted to perfection inspired by the uniqueness of adventurous women everywhere, Thaikila is one of the few trendsetting companies that firmly believes in giving back, and protecting the environment.

Deeply committed to a plastic free future, the creative team at Thaikila have turned innovation into a way of life by refining production systems that allow them to turn rubbish into wearable art.

Discarded plastic bottles are recycled and transformed into fabric for swimwear. An extremely soft fabric with the right amount of stretch. Designed like second skin with quick drying elements so it does not retain sand or water, Thaikila swimwear is made to last, so pack your bags and get ready for your next adventure.