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These Celebrities Have Been Battling A Tricky Disease

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Lyme disease has been dubbed “the great imitator” due to the difficulty associated with its diagnosis. This dangerous epidemic affects people from all walks of life, even celebrities.

Celebrated artists like Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, Alec Baldwin and members of the Hadid family have all been victims of this mysterious disease. Many people know that, Lyme disease is an infection caused by deer tick bites, but they might think it’s rare and not something to worry about. For those who get the disease, it becomes a frightening reality. Infected people face a wide and potentially devastating range of symptoms. There are many different treatments, but there’s not much information about which ones are effective. In the United States, those who suffer from Lyme Disease often have limited resources and treatment choices.


Lyme disease causes initial symptoms like fever, headache, tiredness, and a rash. If left untreated, infected people develop joint, heart, and nervous system damage. The disease attacks the immune system and creates a bacterial pathway that allows it to persist in the body even after treatment with antibiotics. Lyme Mexico’s state-of-the art treatment destroys those pathways and strengthens the patient’s immune system to give the best chance at recovery.


Lyme disease is a fast-growing epidemic, according to the National Institute of Health. It’s currently spreading faster in the U.S. than any other disease. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 400,000 people report Lyme Disease infection each year. Unfortunately, the disease is also hard to diagnose, and this crisis isn’t clearly understood by the public.


The symptoms of Lyme disease are often not recognized and misdiagnosed, especially if someone didn’t notice the tick bite. From that point, the disease is free to take its toll on the infected body. Misdiagnosed patients are often given intense treatments like chemotherapy and immune system suppressants with harmful side effects but usually no results. It’s critical to detect the disease early on before it progresses to more damaging stages. Taking antibiotics as soon as possible after contracting Lyme Disease can reduce severe arthritis and heart and nerve damage later.

The Lyme Mexico Clinic

The Lyme Mexico clinic in Puerto Vallarta has developed an effective approach to treating the disease. Dr. Omar Morales, the clinic director, studied Lyme Disease treatments from all over the world and analyzed their results. He found that some treatments work better for some patients than others. He also studied the characteristics of the patients who responded to different treatments. Now Lyme Mexico combines proven treatments with advanced medical techniques to give patients their best chance at recovery.

Individual treatment plans

With his knowledge of the world’s most effective treatments, blood cells, and human biology, Dr. Morales found that patients respond best to their own individualized treatment plans. Genetic deficiencies and exposure to things like mold, heavy metals, and chemical substances make people even more susceptible to damage from the infection. Lyme Mexico designs their treatment plans based on their patients’ full medical history and current physical health.