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Rudolf Stingel´s Renaissance

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Rudolf Stingel´s Renaissance

For avid art collectors and connoisseurs, few events hold as much meaning as Art Basel, and for it´s 50th edition, the iconic Italian contemporary painter Rudolf Stingel is experiencing a rebirth unlike anything the art world has seen for quite some time.

Fondation Beyeler will host a museum show in Europe featuring select pieces from Stingel´s illustrious career, as well as novel works created by the artist for this exhibition in particular successfully elevating the artist to new levels of creative recognition.

After successful exhibitions in celebrated global stages such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York or Venice´s Palazzo Grassi, Stingel, whose calling card has always been a seemingly effortless savoir-faire for the subtleties of powerful creative expression and the incessant quest for ever evolving compositions, has recently aroused an almost inexorable allure amongst leading tastemakers, art buyers and experts.

Rudolf Stingel´s Renaissance

Sam Keller, Managing Director of Fondation Beyeler, is certain that Stingel´s career is at an all time high: “Today there is a whole different game for artists to get accepted as a really serious and important artist. Even though he’s been around for a while, people are starting to realize he wasn’t just the flavor of the season or an artist of just one generation and that he is actually capable of reaching the next generation with his work,” Keller affirms.

“I believe Stingel's audience has been elevated into a more serious sphere within the art market. Academic and institutional attention is a tell-tell sign of an artist's right to art historical prominence and this is a classic example of that. The concurrent solo exhibition of Stingel's works on view at Fondation Beyeler in addition to Rudolf's longstanding blue chip gallery representation, has cemented his position as an artist to recognize and monitor,” Jeremy Larner, a private art dealer and president of New York based JKL Worldwide expressed.