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Feel Like A Billionaire By Dressing The Part

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If you talk the talk but don´t walk the walk, soon you´ll find limits and barricades. Fashion guru Philipp Plein understood that to feel like a Billionaire, you must dress the part.

By condensing his passion for haute couture, deep understanding of global fashion trends and a burning desire to create the most iconic luxe apparel brand on the planet, Mr. Plein set out to create a house like no other: Billionaire.

Limitless glamour, unapologetic boldness and the determination to meet one´s station in life are the driving forces behind this fashion phenomenon that has spread across high net worth markets like wildfire in recent times. With world boxing champion Vasyl Lomachenko as an ambassador, and tens of thousands of avid fans following every single release by the acclaimed brand, it´s safe to say that Billionaire has made a mark on pop culture as a whole.