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Northern- The Fashionable Face of Women’s Empowerment

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By Thomas Herd

One of today’s most promising women’s empowerment brands in the fashion space is none other than Northern Fashion.

Launched by co-founders Jenna Hage-Hassan and Ludwin Cruz, the Detroit based apparel brand has made a name for itself due to the impactful way it is re-shaping the narrative for women, turning stigmatized perjoratives into endearing labels of respect.

The products speak for themselves. Passionate, not emotional. Leader, not bossy. Determined, not stubborn.

The line has been met with effusive acclaim from influencers, media, and retail authorities alike all across the country.

The Iconic fashion publication V Magazine just profiled Northern in an exclusive story, The Market @ Macy’s has begun to Carry Northern, and in culture Northern is rapidly becoming a trend amongst notables female empowerment such as wellness icon Ashiko Westguard.

According to Ashiko, “Northern’s values epitomize the type of self-worth and self-love that all women should carry proudly without seeking outside validation.”