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Courage in The Face of Impossible Odds

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Meet Breakout Success Story Jessica Dykstra

By Thomas Herd

In the advertising industry- where normal circumstances involve glamorous ad campaigns, chi chi parties, and a non stop flow of beautiful places and people- it is only too easy to group everyone we come across as products of the highlife. And even if they did originate from humble backgrounds, exposure to wealth and luxury too often changes people, gives them an external layer of pride, and eventually neutralizes their personality to the point their identity becomes entirely wrapped up in being a “model”, “actress”, or “influencer.”

Well, one successful influencer who happens to be a radical exception to this general rule is Jessica Dykstra.

From one of the most crime ridden neighborhoods in Florida- Fort Myers- Jessica grew up directly exposed to violence, abuse, drugs, and despair.

These harsh environmental realities played a crucial role in developing Jessica’s street smarts, self preservation instincts, and authenticity- something that she has never lost until this day.

Distinguished by her striking beauty, Jessica was able to escape Fort Myers to model. She worked from Miami to Milan and New York, eventually developing herself into an influencer in LA. She’s graced the cover of GQ, starred in international lingerie campaigns, and has become an IT girl in A list pop culture circles.

However, if you sit down with Jessica, this glamorous description is far from the girl you’ll talk with. Instead, you’ll meet someone who is brutally honest about her emotional struggles, inability to fit in with the glamor industry, and even the difficulty she faced at times in recognizing her own value as a woman.

Jessica doesn’t try for a second to put up a false front or act in a pre meditated manner. It’s almost as if Jessica isn’t even aware of how precious and courageous her vulnerability really is.

Yet, its these exact qualities in fact, that deserve the highest recognition and admiration. At a time where the social media world is so absorbed with superficial desires like popularity, likes, and attention, it’s Jessica’s story that cuts deep and actually speaks to what so many young women feel inside or face on a daily basis.

By showcasing the fact that Jessica- who is a massive success story (especially considering the odds of making it where she came from)-has kept her identity, values, and integrity intact, it immediately can inspire hope in many young women from impoverished or underprivileged backgrounds.

And through her genuine ability to speak honestly, vulnerably, and sensitively on the issues that have come with her Success, she is raising the level of conversation for young women in our industry and paving the way for them to be both real people and successful icons at the same time.